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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any qualifications for any of the races?


What's the time limit?

50km = 36 hours

100km = 36 hours

160km = 36 hours

Easy peasy! ๐Ÿ™‚

Can I have a pacer?

Yes. Only the 160km runners will have a pacer option. Pacers can be picked up at the farm for the last 60km section.

Note: “muling” is prohibited. This means that your pacer cannot carry anyย gear for you.

Is there any mandatory gear requirements?

Yes. All runners, in every distance/event, will be required to have the following items with them at all times:

  • bottles/flasks/reservoirs that can hold up to 1L of fluids
  • a waterproof shell (this is a jacket with taped seams)
  • a basic 1st Aid kit (2 metres of duct tape, a tensor bandage, band-aids, emergency blanket)
  • food and drink
  • whistle
  • a charged cell phone
  • headlamp(s) and spare batteries for 100km, 160km and RELAY runners. (Note: headlamps will be required from Cape d’Or (farm-bound) or the farm itself)

Recommended gear:

  • gloves
  • toque/buff
  • sunscreen
  • course map
  • lighter/matches
  • knife


  • any music playing device that requires earbuds
  • dogs and/or other pets on the course

Is there a drop bag service?

Yes. We’ll let you know (well in advance) where you can have drop bags and how to label/package them up.

Refund Policy

Please read “The Fine Print” under the registration tab.

How long can I camp out for at the farm?

Free camping is available Friday, Saturday and Sunday night.

What's the pre-race meal?

Friday night we’ll be offering up some sweet eats that are included in the registration fee. Exact menu to be announced before the event, but there will be meat and veggie options only.

What is the course like?

You will be treated to spectacular scenery all over this course!! Stunning beaches, the highest cliffs on mainland NS, the world’s highest tides, well maintained and fun trails, brooks, rivers, fields and more!

The bulk of the course is made up of really well maintained ATV/snowmobile trails. On the longer courses (not the 50k), you’ll be treated to 22+kms of beautiful singletrack in Cape Chignecto Provincial Park…with a few steep hills along the way (the steepest on the whole course).

The 100 milers will have to contend with their longest climbs and descents in the last 60k, which is on a section that only the 100 milers will do.


Can my crew access any aid stations and where do the relay teams tag their runners?

50k crews can access all 3 aid stations.

100k crews can access 4 of the 7 aid stations.

160k crews can access 6 of the 13 aid stations.

Relay teams will tag their runner in Advocate Harbour (end of leg 1), Advocate Harbour again (after leg 2), the farm/start/finish (end of leg 3) and Baisly’s aid station at the end of leg 4!

Who is organizing the Capes 100? Is it their first event??

Surprise! We’ve been organizing races since 1995! We’ve organized everything from relay races to orienteering races to 24hr adventure races to ultramarathons!

We’re the only group in Atlantic Canada that has been hosting a yearly trail running series…since 2011! Our well known “Nova Scotia Trail Running” series is sponsored by Salomon and our courses are known to be very well marked and the events are all very well organized!

You’re in good hands ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope to see you there!!