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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any qualifications for any of the races?

No…but you better have some serious hill training in the bank, especially for the 88k and 162k!

Is there a time limit? Aid Station Cut-off times?


47km = 14 hours total. Cut-off time at KM 32.9 (MacKinnon’s Brook Lane 4) = 9h40m race time.

88km = 22 hours total. Cut-off time at KM 59 (MacKinnon’s Brook Bridge 2) = 13h24m race time.

162km = 36 hours total. Cut-off time at KM 84.4 (MacDonald Glen Road) = 18h45m race time, KM 110.8 (Cow Pasture Trailhead) = 24h37m race time, and KM 133.3 (MacKinnon’s Brook Bridge 5) = 29h37m race time.

Can I have a pacer?

Yes. Only 1 pacer is allowed for each 162k runner.

Only the 162km runners will have a pacer option. Pacers can meet their runner at the Cow Pasture Trailhead (Cape Mabou Road) at KM 110.8 only. This is the only spot a pacer can be picked up this year.

Note: “muling” is prohibited. This means that your pacer cannot carry any gear for you and your pacer can not give you any of their gear to use. Period.


Is there any mandatory gear requirements?


It is MANDATORY that all runners, in every distance/event, have the following items with them at all times:

  • bottles/flasks/reservoirs that can hold up to 1L of fluids
  • a waterproof jacket
  • a basic 1st Aid kit (2 metres of duct tape, a tensor bandage, band-aids, emergency blanket)
  • food & drink
  • whistle
  • a charged cell phone (with the RD’s phone number)
  • headlamp(s) and spare batteries for 88km and 162km (can be picked up later in the race)
  • toque or buff
  • course map (on your phone or printed)
  • lighter/matches
  • knife


  • gloves
  • sunscreen
  • bug repellent
  • warm layer for upper body
  • rain pants
  • compass


  • any music playing device that requires earbuds
  • music/podcasts/etc being played on a speakerphone is also not allowed
  • dogs and/or other pets on the course



Is there a drop bag service?

Yes. We’ll have 2 drop bag locations that everyone will hit numerous times.

Please note that you are only allowed 1 drop bag at each location. This 1 bag should not exceed 30L (think smaller carry-on luggage).

Drop bags need to be at the start/finish Friday evening by 9pm. If they’re not, you’re out of luck.

The drop bag locations are at the “MacKinnon’s Brook LANE” Aid Station and at the “Cow Pasture Trailhead” Aid Station (Cape Mabou Road).

You will see your drop bag at the following distances:

47k runners = 14.5k, 21k, 26.4k, & 32.9k (only drop bag option is at “MacKinnon’s Brook LANE”).

88k runners = 14.5k, 21k, 26.5k, 66.9k & 73.5k.

162k runners = 14.5k, 21k, 26.5k, 66.9k, 73.5k, 98.8k, 105.3k, 110.8k, 141.2k, & 147.8k.

Crew Info

Registration/Start/Finish: Mabou Gaelic College, 32 MacDonald Road, Mabou, NS

Due to the nature of the 2022 course, crew access will be very limited. Most of the roads into the aid stations are very narrow (1 vehicle wide) and have steep drop offs. It’s way too dangerous to allow crews in many spots, so please don’t attempt to venture into places you shouldn’t be.

Crew Accessible Aid Stations:

  1. MacDonald Glen Road. Only accessible for the 100 mile crews. Race distance: KM 84.4 & KM 87.9.
  2. Cow Pasture Trailhead (Cape Mabou Road). 88k and 162k crews only. Race distance: KM 26.5 & KM 110.8. On lap 2, the 100 mile runners can start running with their pacer here. This is the only spot to meet their pacer as there are no other options to pick up a pacer like there was in 2019.
  3. Beach Road No. 1, Inverness – This is not an aid station, it’s just an easy spot for crews to meet/help their runner. This is the parking lot near the end of the road on the right for access the Boardwalk/Beach area. 88k and 162k crews only. Race distance: KM 37.2. **The 162k runners don’t do this section on lap 2.

*There is no crew access for 47k runners. Drop bags only.

*Crew for 88k runners (see above): Cow Pasture Trailhead and in Inverness at the beach/boardwalk.

*Crew for 162k runners (see above): Cow Pasture Trailhead, in Inverness at the beach/boardwalk and at MacDonald Glen Road

*Crew access/help anywhere else on the course is prohibited and will result in the runner getting a DQ.

Refund Policy

Please read “The Fine Print” under the registration tab.

What is the course like?

Very nice!! Numerous vistas in the Mabou Highlands, stunning beaches along the Atlantic Ocean, well maintained and super fun trails, that includes brooks, rivers, fields of cows and more!

The 47k course is made up of 53% gravel/jeep roads, 38% singletrack/doubletrack, 9% pavement…and some hills!

The 88k course is made up of 51% gravel/jeep roads, 36% single track/doubletrack, 12% pavement, 1% sandy beach…and lots of hills!

The 162k course is made up of 53% gravel/jeep roads, 40% singletrack/doubletrack, 6.5% pavement, 0.5% sandy beach…and lots of hills!!

The 100 milers will have to do battle not once, but twice in the Highlands since it’s a 2 loop course!


Swag expectations for drop outs

If you have dropped out at any point before June 1st (when the hoodies and shirts are ordered), your order was cancelled. This means that it doesn’t exist, so please don’t show up and expect to pick up your swag.

If you dropped out after the hoodies and shirts were ordered, your order went to the wait lister that took your spot, so please don’t show up and expect to pick up your swag.

If you have dropped out at any point before June 1st (when the hoodies and shirts are ordered), but plan to be at the race to VOLUNTEER, your order was also cancelled. This means that it doesn’t exist, so please don’t show up and expect to pick up your swag. All volunteers will get a Capes 100 t-shirt and a Capes 100 trucker hat, plus draw prize eligibility.

We won’t be mailing or delivering any swag. If there’s any leftovers, they will go to the volunteers and/or community members.

Who is organizing the Capes 100?

NS Trail Running has been organizing races since 1995! We’ve organized everything from relay races to orienteering races to 24hr adventure races to our first 100 miler in 2019.

We’re the only group in Atlantic Canada that has been hosting a yearly trail running series…since 2010! Our well known “Nova Scotia Trail Running” series is sponsored by Salomon. Our courses are known to be very well marked and the events are all very well organized!

You’re in good hands 🙂 Hope to see you there!!

Jodi and Karine Isenor